Pride in Excellence

We are your one source for all of your signage needs.  With nearly 40 years in the industry, we can make your inspirations come to life.  Specializing in Bronze Plaques, memorials, and dedications.  We can also design and manufacture any of your building signage that will stand out from the crowd in a professional and enduring display.

        Bronze Plaques

Throughout the ages Bronze has endured. Bronze is the preferred material for building names, dedications  and, memorials such as bench markers, gardens, bridges, and grave site markers.

Bronze has a natural look that fits the environment with its golden warm color and its natural copper content.  As it ages, it will continue to increase in its appeal and value.

Whether it’s for the dedication of a new park, building or public space, it isn’t complete without a Bronze plaque to commemorate the project.  You can use a Bronze plaque to recognize someone for a job well done, a retirement or as an award.  Memorializing a loved one, commemorating a historical place or event or a dedication…it can all be done with an everlasting Bronze plaque.

Store Fronts & Business Signage

It may be similar to a face lift where all things become anew.  There are many elements available to enhance the way people view you.  It could be as simple as a fascia display or adding architectural components to an existing structures with a variety of graphics.  Adding lit or unlit logos & letters to your building will add a fresh new look people will notice.

Monument & street side displays

These are most often used when viewed from the street traffic as a form of on-premise advertising & identification.  It could be a simple  plaque with your name & address mounted on stone or masonry, or a large lit display.  It is important that the viewing distant & traffic speed be considered as well as how it environmentally fits the surrounding elements.  Some are designed to last for centuries, while others are for point of purchase & identification.  A site survey will be provided for proper size & placement.


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