Bronze and Aluminum Plaques

Quality Bronze can last indefinitely with a little maintenance.  It has been in use for more than 6000 years.  We specialize in cast Bronze and Aluminum Plaques.  We provide a wide variety of plaques from a basic bench plaque to plaques with raised BAS relief images, photo etching, ceramic inserts, or photo relief images.  We can also provide a new process called Giclee which permanently prints a photo directly onto a metal plaque. SignCraft can supply any Bronze or Aluminum casting that you may need and every plaque is custom made to fulfill our Clients expectations and budget.


Aluminum can be an economical substitute for bronze, especially for interior applications.  It has a more commercial look and is often used for industrial name plates, or where specific contrasting colors are needed to make components architecturally pleasing.  Aluminum can be anodized with many colors or sealed with a clear coat to prevent deterioration.  Because aluminum is typically painted, it’s durability in the outdoor environment is significantly less than that of bronze.  With consideration of placement and some periodic maintenance, aluminum can still be an excellent choice for many outdoor uses.

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