Why SignCraft?

     Whether it’s conception, design, or custom manufacturing…we have you covered.  With our extensive experience in providing the best solutions for difficult problems we can provide an end product that not only meets the needs of our clients but we can do it on budget.   We work closely with our partners to ensure that you receive the best products at the best price.  Our in-house experts have decades of experience in the sign industry.  With our expertise in design and manufacturing combined with the latest technology available, we can produce the finest signage possible in the Northwest.

Design & Consulting

Need a plaque?  Need some signage for your business?  Have an event coming up?

You know you have some signage needs but not sure the what the best solution is?  WE CAN HELP.

With our years of experience, we can help find a great solution to your signage needs within your time frame and your budget.  Let our designers help by providing you with options that will meet your needs.  We can then work with you to design your new displays that will get noticed.  If you have logos or other designs on file, we can quickly and easily incorporate them into any design. From custom bronze plaques that will last a lifetime to banners to get the word out about an upcoming event.  We will work closely with you to meet your specific needs.  Let us show you how we will earn your business.


You have all the signage you need?…Great!  But it’s a bit out of date, faded and deteriorated by the weather, or it’s been vandalized or damaged?…Not a problem.  We can take what you have and make it new again.  A little TLC can go a long way to keep your signage fresh and working for you for years to come.

From a little redesigning of your business signage to a complete refinishing, you can get a “new” display for a fraction of the price of starting all over.  The restoration of a bronze or aluminum plaques shouldn’t be left to a novice.  It takes years of experience to bring back the elegance and enduring qualities of a plaque.  Let our Craftsman show you the beauty that’s residing just below the surface of you plaque.

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